Neighbors upset after Jimmy Carter Habitat for Humanity sign goes missing

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Former President Jimmy Carter and his work with Habitat for Humanity has left an impact on many people across America, including in Richmond, Kentucky.

You would have seen a sign between Irvine View and Douglas Court that has become a landmark for the neighborhood, but recently, it has gone missing.



Rossetta Salazar, the owner of one of the homes that Former President Jimmy Carter built, was devastated when she discovered the sign was gone, saying, “I was ready to cry.”

Salazar has lived in that house for over 27 years and says the sign has a special place in her heart.

“We were able to have the sign made with a picture of him on it. And in the picture he is working in my house,” said Salazar. “It hurt me so much in my heart that sign is gone.”

Her and neighbors would like nothing more than the sign to be back in its rightful place.

The 39th President and his wife helped build or renovate more than 4,300 homes, leaving a big impact on the small community where Salazar lives.

Neighbors are offering a reward if the sign is returned, but if it is not found by mid-June. They will look into getting a replacement.

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