Crank & Boom built on decade of community connection

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Given that the temperatures didn’t fall out of the 80’s in Lexington until the second week of October, ice cream has been a viable option for a while for those that need to cool off.

One of the local go to’s over the last decade has been Crank & Boom.

Leaders with the ice cream shop hope guests are hit with the sweet scent of hospitality right when they walk in the door.

“The first thing we want them to experience is the smell. You even said yourself how awesome it smells when you walk in,” Crank & Boom marketing guru Kristy Maggard said.

“You smell those waffle cones or waffle bowls we make in house every single day.”

Crank & Boom hangs its hat on the creative combinations they have to offer.

From classics like Bourbon and Honey to some more seasonal favorites like Apple Cider Sorbet.

It’s a fine tuned process now, celebrating ten years in business, from what started as an add on to another culinary career.

“Our owners are Tal and Mike Green. They were involved in the Tai restaurant scene. They decided to make some coconut ice cream to offer their customers something to cool off their pallet,” Maggard said.

“People started coming in during a snow storm, not for the tai food, but for the ice cream.”

Everything just took of from there.

Pop ups across the city to build notoriety ultimately turned into two brick and mortar locations for people to get the scoop on their favorite sweets.

“We have two locations. One here on Clays Mill and the other one in the Distillery District off Manchester,” Maggard said.

“We also ship our ice cream nationwide with a company called GoldBelly. We like to tell people that we’ve shipped to all 50 states and Canada so we can ship ice cream to anyone anywhere.”

The service at Crank & Boom goes beyond the store counter or national shipping.

Everything circles back to helping the community that helped them get to where they are now.

Whether it’s collecting costumes for local kids or donating proceeds from certain ice cream flavors to organizations around town, Crank & Boom leaders are trying to bring something sweet to Lexington beyond what you can buy on a cone or in a bowl.

“Who doesn’t want to eat ice cream for a good cause. That’s what we love to do here at Crank N Boom,” Maggard said.

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