Two organization react to Amendment 2 results on Election Day

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ACLU and The Family Foundation both weighing in

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — As voters made their choices at the polls on Tuesday, some say the real work begins now.
With 90% of the results being called by the Associated Press, about 52% of the voters said no to amendment two,  and 48%  saying yes to amending Kentucky’s Constitution.

“The majority of Kentuckians voted no. And that shows that a majority of Kentuckians said no to extreme politicians trying to control Kentuckians personal and private health care decisions,” says Heather Ayes, the campaign coordinator at the ACLU of Kentucky.

Some are pleased with the way Kentucky responded, others disheartened.

“Certainly we were disappointed in the, in the results on amendment two. But you know, the pro-life movement here in Kentucky and across the nation remains steadfast in our defensive of unborn life. You know, it’s important for Kentuckians to know that that are pro life laws that protect preborn children remain in full effect,” adds David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation.

With Kentucky’s trigger law still in effect banning abortions in the bluegrass with the only exception being medical emergencies, the ACLU adds that decisions around the topic of pregnancy should not be black and white.

“I think that there are complicated feelings around abortion, and that makes complete sense. It can be a very personal and private experience to go through. We also know that pregnancy is not all the same pregnancy is not black and white, and decisions made around pregnancy cannot be black and white,” also adds Ayes.

Meanwhile The Family Foundation a Christian public policy organization says they will continue to advocate for pro-life.

“And Kentucky Constitution does not contain a right to end the life of your unborn child or to have tax dollars spent to end the lives of unborn children. And we’ll continue to advocate for that as we move forward,” said Walls.

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