Resident expresses frustration over paratransit provider Lextran Wheels

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Lextran sends statement regarding issues

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — How reliable is public transportation?
For one woman with disabilities, she says it’s becoming a hardship.

For Joyce Givens, riding Wheels these days has become quite frustrating.
Wheels is a shared ride, door to door, public transportation for citizens in the Lexington and Fayette county areas with disabilities.
Givens is speaking out on how disappointing its been trying to get anywhere.

“You have to just sit and wait and hope,” says Joyce Givens, who has been a Lextran Wheels rider since 2016.

Several including Givens are expressing their frustrations towards Lextran Wheels.
The paratransit service for those with disabilities.

“I had surgery on my shoulder, so I can’t drive. And when I’ve had to call them to take me to an appointment, which is not far from here, I would be late. And doctors, if you’re 15 minutes late, they won’t even see you,” said Givens.

She says recently, it’s been even harder to get anywhere.
Adding that for some of her friends the transportation to the doctor is not only necessary but essential.

“This year, I haven’t been able to be on time, anywhere. And that’s because I think they was transitioning into these to this other company. But now you just have to guess you have to, you have to say that you’re going to be there at least an hour before you get there,” she also added.

During the interview, Givens tried calling Wheels, trying to showcase how hard it is to schedule an appointment.

In the phone call, Givens was trying to get an earlier appointment, in the process of trying that the operator told her she would have to be rescheduled.

After the call, Joyce expressed she was frustrated because the operator told her they would try to get her in.

ABC 36 News reached out to Lextrans for a statement, they say, ” Lextran provides “complementary paratransit service” (known as Wheels), for people who cannot use the fixed route system due to a disability. On October 1st, RATP Dev USA began subcontracting this service on Lextran’s behalf, after the previous provider exited the program after more than 40 years. There has been no interruption in service delivery and Lextran and RATP Dev continue to work closely to meet performance goals and deliver professional and timely paratransit service.

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