Parents search for missing baby’s grave

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36 NEWSNOW) — Katie and Bryan Black have been visiting their daughter, Avery Elizabeth, at the Lexington Cemetery for almost seven years, but the last time they went to visit, they could not find her grave.

“[I was] frantically looking around,” Katie said. “I finally found her, and she was in a completely different location.”

Yards from her original spot, Avery now sits in between two other graves. The Lexington Cemetery made this move without contacting her parents.

“Not a phone call, nothing. They just moved her marker and didn’t tell us and let us discover it on our own,” Katie said.

The cemetery moving her marker almost seven years after she was buried.

“I mean it took seven years to realize that you either [mis]placed the marker or the body and we’re not sure which one it actually is,” Bryan said.

Katie delivered Avery Elizabeth seven years ago, a stillborn baby that forever changed her parents’ lives. Katie and Bryan now have two sons and continue Avery’s legacy through the Avery Elizabeth foundation.

“I know that her casket’s small, I know that she only weighed over a little 5 pounds, but she was a person, and she was here,” Katie said.

ABC 36 News Now reached out to the Lexington Cemetery for comment but have not heard back.

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