Over 100 million Americans under heat advisories

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A heat wave is blanketing much of the U.S. as millions of people are experiencing sweltering high temperatures that could last through the weekend.

While parts of upper New England will get a much needed break from the heat this weekend after near triple digit temperatures this week, the heat dome is expanding to other parts of the country. Over 100 million Americans are under heat advisories, including some 25 million who are facing excessive heat watches.

The National Weather Service said scorching temperatures will grip much of the Midwest, Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic regions this weekend, reaching triple digits in some areas.

It’s important to not ignore the signs of heat-related illness.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, cold pale and clammy skin, muscle cramps, tiredness or weakness and dizziness. Meanwhile, when things progress into heat stroke territory, health risks can turn dangerous or even deadly. Symptoms of heat stroke include a high body temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, hot, red or damp skin, headache, dizziness and nausea.

It’s important take steps to stay hydrated and cool this weekend as the soaring temperatures are expected to stick around for a prolonged period of time. Cooling centers will be open in several cities for those in need of relief.

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