New details released about what led up to the deadly Floyd Co. shooting

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Also in Sunday’s conference, County Judge Executive Robby Williams updating the condition of some of the others injured

PRESTONSBURG, Ky -(WTVQ) –  In a news conference Sunday afternoon, Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt says on June 30th, deputies got a tip that Storz may have been holding his wife against her will, and that she was being abused.

Sheriff Hunt says after deputies interviewed the wife Thursday, an emergency protective order was issued.

Storz wife told deputies he had guns in the home.

That’s when two deputies called for back up to serve the EPO and make the arrest.

Sheriff Hunt says as the four deputies arrived at Storz home, one noticed he was standing in the window looking at them.

Sheriff Hunt says Storz opened the door “like he was waiting on them and knew they were coming”.

That’s when Storz opened fire on the deputies. More back up was called, State police and City police responded.

Sheriff Hunt says the shootout lasted hours.

Deputy William Petry, City Police Captain Ralph Frasure, Canine Handler Jacob R. Chaffins and K-9 Drago were all killed in the ambush.


In Sunday’s conference, when asked about the death penalty for Lance Storz, Floyd County Attorney Keith Bartley said it doesn’t matter what Storz motive was…and death wouldn’t be good enough.

“Whether or not the death penalty will be sought that is a commonwealth attorneys question, only they can make that decision, I don’t have that legal authority to make that decision, but you phrased that question whether or not I thought it was suitable and I know i am going to say something her again that folks on this stage can’t say, they’re just better people than me, but death isn’t good enough for that son of a *****”.

Also in Sunday’s conference, County Judge Executive Robby Williams updating the condition of some of the others injured.

He says Floyd County Constable Gary Wolf lost one of his eyes after a bullet broke a window and the shattered glass hit him in the eye. Wolf is home but is expected to have a few more surgeries.

EMS Director, Joe Reynolds, was shot in the left eye. Surgery has removed part of his eye, but Williams say Reynolds will lose that eye entirely.

Sheriff Hunt also updating the condition on one of the deputies shot, Deputy Lawson who was shot in the leg, Hunt says has a long road to recovery..

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