Meet the Cincinnati Zoo’s 4 newest members — an elephant herd!

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CINCINNATI, Ohio (WTVQ) — Four Asian elephants, two adult females and their young male calves, are the newest members of the Cincinnati Zoo!

The elephants — SheRa, Kabir, Anak and Sanjay — are settling in from the Dublin Zoo after a joint recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Asian Elephant Species Survival Plan and more, which all make breeding and transfer decisions with the goal to “sustain a genetically diverse, demographically varied and biologically sound population.”

“We’ve been collaborating with the Dublin Zoo’s care team for more than a year and have spent a lot of time with our new residents in their former home,” said Eric Duning, Cincinnati Zoo’s elephant team leader. “I’ve been with them for the past few weeks and accompanied them to Cincinnati. We also brought members of their care team here to assist with their transition.”

The new elephants will spend time getting acclimated to Elephant Trek this winter and will be introduced to the rest of the herd sometime before the new habitat opens to the public next summer.

Meet the elephants:


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She-Ra (known at the Dublin Zoo as Yasmin)

  • 32-year-old female
  • Mother of Kabir; mother of Anak
  • Related to Cincinnati Zoo elephant Schottzie

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  • 6-year-old male
  • Son of SheRa



  • 20-year-old female
  • Mother of Sanjay



  • 5-year-old male
  • Son of Anak

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