Many Richmond homes remain damaged months after hailstorm

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RICHMOND, Ky. (LEX 18) — About five months after a hailstorm, many homes in Richmond remain damaged. On some streets, nearly every home has holes in the siding.

It’s been frustrating for Sam Bell to watch as some homes have been fixed, but his hasn’t.

“Every day when I would come back and forth from work, someone new is getting their roof put on, someone new is getting their windows installed and here I was the sorry person at the end of the cul de sac with my window boarded up,” he said.

He had filed an insurance claim, but the company sent a contractor to his house, who only boarded up his window. Then, without any notice to him, his adjuster was either fired or quit, meaning months passed with no help until Sam reached out to his provider, Progressive.

Eventually, Blue Jay Construction was brought in and began working on Bell’s home. Finally, their window is fixed.

“It’s been a relief, especially with winter looming,” Bell said.

The company’s president, Blake Jones, said the past few months have been tough for contractors and homeowners.

“I feel like there is a big gap in understanding and knowledge about the insurance policy process to get these repairs going,” Jones said, explaining why it has taken so long to get all the homes fixed.

They’ve been taking on projects from other contractors who didn’t finish the job. Part of the issue is some of those contractors aren’t local, Jones said.

Also contributing to the issue are labor shortages for contractors and supply chain issues.

He says one way they think they are different from other contractors is they prioritize projects by how critical they are, not just when the call comes in. For instance, getting a window put in is more important than siding, which may be more cosmetic. He also says they generally offer more services.

Moving forward, he said the past few months will be a valuable experience for everyone, and that people will be more prepared should something happen again.

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