Lexington Police say auto thefts on a downward trend

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36 NEWS NOW) — With hotter weather upon us, Lexington Police are warning you to make sure to secure your vehicle and bring your valuables inside with you, or at least out of sight, that can also include your firearms.

“Oftentimes we get young adults or juveniles going through neighborhoods, just checking door handles. So it’s really important that people keep an eye on things going on in their neighborhood, and if they see something that’s suspicious, they call the police so we can come investigate,” says Lieutenant Marcus Sell with the property crimes section with Lexington Police.

Last year in the city, there were over 1,300 auto thefts. In 2022, the number was just a bit higher there were over 1,330.

“We’re actually lucky right now that our auto thefts are down this year, when compared to the last couple years were down by about 13%,” added Lt. Sell.

Officials say that although it may seem that car thefts have been making more headlines, Lexington Police say the trend is actually lower this year.
But, it is also beneficial to contact police if you see something suspicious.

“Sometimes we get victims that will call in after an audit after after somebody has gone through their car and stolen a valuable. And they’ll complain that the problems been going on in their neighborhood for months, and we haven’t done anything. And we go back, and look, there’s never been a call to the police to let us know,” he also says.

This year, Lieutenant Sell says the trend of stolen firearms is also on a downward trend.

“We’re down about 30% on the year so far, but it’s still far too many firearms that have been taken from vehicles,” said Sell.

Adding that most firearms stolen from vehicles tend to land in the wrong hands.

“It’s more of a public safety concern and it’s terrible for the person that has a firearm stolen, but those firearms go on with with suspects are sold or traded around and they’re used in other crimes. It’s even the same for the vehicles, vehicles that get stolen are often used in crimes later that night or later in the week, some of our firearms here recently in the last few weeks, we’ve actually had firearms that have been shipped back in that were used in crimes and other states,” said Sell.

He reiterates that if you see something suspicious, you should contact law enforcement so they can track trends and direct patrols in the area.

You can also register your surveillance system, or Ring cam here, connectlex.org.

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