Ky.’s most popular Halloween candy is Reese’s

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KENTUCKY (WTVQ) — The most popular Halloween candy in Kentucky is Reese’s, according to a new survey for 2023. used over 16 years of data from sales to create a map of each state’s favorite Halloween candies, ranked 1-3.

Reese’s comes in at No. 1 for Kentucky, with Hot Tamales at No. 2 and Swedish Fish behind at No. 3.

Other popular candies include Tootsie Pops for Tennessee, Blow Pops for Ohio, Starburst for Indiana and Hershey’s Mini Bars for West Virginia.

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending is predicted to be over $12.2 billion — up 15% over last year.

To view the interactive map, head here: The 2023 Most Popular Halloween Candy

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