Free portrait sessions in exchange for helping community

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Award-winning photographer Sasha Owens offers free sessions as part of her community involvement programs

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington-based photographer wants to bring more beauty in the world by making people feel comfortable in their skin while doing something to help others.

“I don’t work. I wake up every day excited for what I’m going to be doing,” says award-winning photographer Sasha “Fierce” Owens.

Owens lives her life guided by one word, “fierce”. Her mission in life? To make the world and the people in it feel a little bit better.

“I love photographing everyone, I want to photograph everyone. I want you to know what it’s like to feel good behind the camera because so many people don’t feel that way,” says Owens. “The whole point is to simply have evidence and documented imagery of your life so that you can look back on it someday.”

Sasha “Fierce” says she’s met many people who couldn’t afford a nice portrait session and she wanted to find a way to make quality photos accessible to anyone. About 12 years ago, she started her first community program, the yard sale program, to encourage people to give-back in exchange for a photo session. Now, she has 2 additional ways for people to get involved and in front of the camera.

Her pollution pickup asks you to simply pick up trash with her for 30-60 minutes. The second program, donating books, puzzles, coloring books and magazines to fill any of the free libraries around Lexington.

“These are all just fun programs, it’s not about money,” says Owens. “It’s about giving people the understanding that you do deserve to have your portrait taken, you are beautiful, you are fierce, you deserve this. Why not?”

Owens says she knows this business practice might seem backwards to many, but she says she’s always done things a little backwards.

“I’ve been looked down on by a lot of professionals in the industry for that reason because they feel like I’m devaluing the service,” says Owens. “They just don’t understand the inward parts of it, like yes you are getting a free session but there’s a little bit more to it than that. I’m simply waiving the setting fee and just trying to make it a little easier on you financially so that you can have this fierce, amazing experience.”

To find out more about these programs and talk with Sasha, message her on Instagram at the link HERE.

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