Formula 1 fans file lawsuit against Las Vegas Grand Prix

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A class action lawsuit was filed Friday against the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix and the organization’s parent company, Liberty Media, “on behalf of the 35,000 people who purchased tickets to Thursday’s ‘practice run’ that was canceled after only nine minutes without refunds.”

The first round of grand prix practice came to an abrupt halt on Thursday night when Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz hit a water valve cover on the track. It severely damaged the car and prompted race officials to halt practice to check valve covers throughout the track.

The second round of practice was scheduled to start at midnight but was delayed. Fans who’d waited since 8:40 p.m. to see their favorite drivers back on the track would be told to leave by Grand Prix staff.

In a statement to media after the fact, race officials said concerns over staffing and the timing required to re-open the circuit to street traffic prompted them to ask fans to leave.

The Dimopoulos Law Firm’s lawsuit accused Liberty Media and TAB Contractors, Inc. of breach of contract, negligence and deceptive trade practices, a spokesperson for the law firm wrote in a press release.

“We will vindicate the rights of the fans that traveled great distances and paid small fortunes to attend, but were deprived of the experience,” firm owner and lead attorney Steve Dimopoulos stated.

Thursday was the day race officials had offered $200 single-day tickets to Nevada residents.

Formula 1 offered a $200 voucher to its merchandise store to those who were asked to leave the track before the second practice started. 

This story was originally published by Alyssa Roberts at Scripps News Las Vegas

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