Employers offering higher pay, more benefits due to lack of applicants

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36 NEWSNOW) — Even though Lexington’s unemployment rate sits at 3.5%, the city’s Director of Business Engagement Amy Glasscock says employers across Lexington are desperate for employees.

“Everything’s expensive it seems lately,” Glasscock said. “That’s really the number one barrier to employment.”

In addition to expenses, criminal backgrounds, lack of education and childcare costs are hindering people from applying, getting and keeping a job.

“It’s expensive to have childcare, so I think that is one of the bigger issues affecting household as far as getting individuals to work,” Glasscock said.

While there might be a lack of people wanting or being able to work, Glasscock says there is certainly not a lack of resources. You can click this link here to find more information on how to apply for jobs, resume building opportunities, mock interviews and more.

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