Boris Johnson faces no-confidence vote

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LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face a no-confidence vote that could oust him from power.

Discontent with his rule is finally threatening to topple a politician who has often seemed invincible despite many scandals.

Conservative Party official Graham Brady said he has received enough letters from lawmakers demanding a vote on Johnson’s leadership to trigger one.

The vote will take place Monday evening, between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET.

180 votes against Johnson are needed for him to be replaced as Conservative leader and prime minister.

However, if he wins the vote, he will remain party leader and Prime Minister.

Another confidence vote will be permitted in 12 months, assuming there are enough parliamentarians supporting the vote.

Regardless of the outcome, the fact that enough lawmakers are demanding such a vote represents a watershed moment for Johnson.

It is also a sign of deep Conservative divisions, less than three years after Johnson led the party to its biggest election victory for decades.

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