Annual walk raises money for autism awareness

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The event helps raise some much needed funding for the non-profit that supports those with autism
Autism Walk

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- For the first time since the pandemic, the Autism Society of the Bluegrass brought back one and only fundraiser of the year Sunday.

“You get to walk around the field to participate and support the autism walk,” said Brian Kiser.

The fourteen year old has been the top fundraiser for the annual Autism Walk for a few years now. The event helps raise some much needed funding for the non-profit that supports those with autism. Money raised helps provide autism education and support for central Kentucky. It also goes towards conferences and scholarships.

“There is very little in terms of autism support and funding in general but in this area specifically,” said Sara Spragens, the president of the Autism Society.

Spragens says because of the little support, the society reaches into parts of the state that don’t get a lot of help when it comes to autism resources, which is why the fundraiser is so needed.

“If anyone contacts us with a need, we will try to do something in terms of bringing autism education and support to their areas, help them with their support groups as well,” said Spragens.

The event included free food, and vendors who help those with autism and other mental disabilities.

“We just wanted to support and show our support for our students and clients that we get to see every week. Let them know that we’re here. So we’re here to support them and lift them up and all of the great things they do here int he community,” said Nora Veblen, a music therapist and owner of the Wildwood Music Therapy.

For Kiser, the walk helps raise awareness for much more.

“It’s kind of like a stigma against people with mental disabilities and autism being one of them. So we need to have a greater acceptance towards people that have mental disabilities like autism and ADHD,” said Kiser.

For more information about the Autism Society of the Bluegrass, click here.

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